8.43am – Why can’t the lil’ hub zip it up? O.O”’

9.53am – Alright! Finally everything’s fix! I hope there’s no more broken links or images. If there still is, please let me know and I’ll proceed to fix it. Okay, so what now… let’s see… The boss is not around and I’m connected to my phone’s wifi. Hmm… maybe shall try and clear things up a little? Shall do that.

2.54pm – Everyday, I’ve got only 4 hours. How should I use it?

5.24pm – Done! Now, left the MOST difficult part – strictly sticking to the plans! 10 years, I cannot waste it like that, must work harder!!!!


7.40pm – OMG. Did that auntie just climb onto my back??? O.O”’

9.21pm – Massage: Pain but SHIOK. Ah… I feel so much more relax now. Should do this more often, but definitely not this treatment. The mud, or whatever cream that is, is making my skin itch a little.

11.41pm – Baby, let’s sleep… *kiss goodnight*

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