1.26am – Oh gee… did I doze off? *switched off Tutitu*

7.51am – Ah… it’s definitely a very nice sleep. Could it be the rain? Or the massage? Hmm… can’t wait to change my bed to a queen size to get a better sleep every night and probably won’t affect my fertility (you never know), instead of sleeping with half my body sharing with little milkie, and the other on the small playpen mattress. Can’t imagine? Let me draw out for you.


Can visualize it now? Okay, I swear I can draw better on paper or computer than on the phone… -.-”’

8.58am – Keep cool. Calm down. Don’t argue. It’s just a mis-comm. Don’t get work up just because he did… *Breathe* Oh, but it’s definitely nice of the neighbour to offer a walk to not sure where (I was on the phone with the short tempered lil’ hub). Can’t imagine him talking to me when he used to “siam” me even when taking the lift. Weird guy.

9.14am – I was still talking to the lil’ hub about me having lunch alone if my admin and the mother of 3 weren’t in the office, and then it came true. Admin’s taking half day leave, and the other is not back from holiday yet. So, alone? Or hmm… there’s only one more person I can think of. *LOL*

10.16am – I really miss those times where I’m not being tracked on my blog and I can freely just access it anytime during the day… *sob*

10.53am – Seems like I really have to lunch alone. Hmm… where should I go?

11.15am – OMG. I can’t seem to make up my mind on what to eat. If I go home, I’ll be too lazy to come back to the office but I had to. But there’s nothing to eat around here so I will have to definitely go out and eat unless I finish up the cup noodle that I bought previously (but it’s so fattening). There’s no place that I need to go today. Gym’s out as I haven’t fully recovered. Sigh… … … and the handphone’s out of battery soon, with my only cable lent to a colleague. *facepalm*

11.22am – Okay. Let’s go home.

3.04pm – Did I see some pinks?? Its here?? Its here!! Hooray!!!

5.36pm – An accidental read up on my ex-boss’s FB sent the lil’ hub and I on a searching frenzy for cheaper milk powder. Why is there another price hike in milk powders??!!!!!! Thats an additional of $7 per tin! Sigh… and the government still expect the people to have more children. Or am I supposed to lower my standard of living and change to e.g. petpet diaper (which is a little too stiff and not so absorbent? Sigh… my increment in salary can only match the increase in price for milk powder, diapers and other baby’s necessities. How about the rest?

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