It doesn’t make sense, really. A lot of things doesn’t. WHY is almost everything my fault???

Early this morning, I was reprimanded by the lil’ hub for waiting at the carpark under my block instead of going to the MSCP. It was a mis-comm, really. At that point I wasn’t thinking about MSCP at all. There could be 101 reasons for not thinking of that, yes stupidly, but do you really have to scold me for that??? And then earlier on this evening, he, again, reprimanded me for telling the higher of the known price to the idiotic merchant who refused to divulge exactly how much he’s selling the milk powder. Damn it, the NTUC normal price was the ONLY logical price I could thought of at that moment!! Goodness! These are just 2 things that happened TODAY.

And then I’ve got my dearest mum, who will nag at me for everything. From making a mess of my room and what not (I can understand this but not the rest), to little milkie making a mess, the floor not cleaned, the shelves not cleaned, the lil’ hub ordering McDonald’s (and that my Dad will not be happy because it means his cooking isn’t nice and enough [true in a way]) and me eating that too (WTF! Does me being fat irks you that much??!), the lil’ hub having too many dirty clothes hung behind the door, the lil’ hub and sis feeding junk food to little milkie (tell it to them!), little milkie being cranky, little milkie running around without someone watching her, and so on and so forth.

Simply put into symbols, it’s basically.

  • A > E
  • B > E
  • B * C > A > E
  • D * A > E
  • (B + D) * A > E
  • C > A > E

* = cause problem(s)
+ = and
> = scolds

I am E. If you analyse it, I’m ALWAYS at the receiving end. Who are the problem makers? B & D. Who are the peeps that always “kill” people? A & B.



*FURIOUS, goes to sleep*

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