7.22am – As usual, when the big auntie is here, I wouldn’t have a good night sleep. But thankfully, I could use this excuse and ignore the lil’ hub’s continuous speech and little milkie’s questions, and grabbed some sleep. Sigh… time to wake up and wash up… If only today is Saturday, then I can get to watch the free Transformers! Ah, never mind.

8.42am – Sitting down on the sofa and waiting for the sis and the lil’ hub now and a thought came into my mind. Maybe I should start writing 2 posts when I’m free – “10 ways to survive a naggy mom” and “10 ways to survive an act smart spouse”. Or should I change it to 101 ways? *LOL* Crap. These are probably the 2 people who indirectly caused my hormones to go haywire.

“You will never be able to solve problem if all you do is blame them on others.” ~ Gulrez Pathan

10.20am – Seriously, I really don’t mind spending one whole day, alone in a cafe or what, and finish writing out those past posts that I’d kept storage in my pea brain. It could be an offload for me. When is it a good date? Let’s see… (after 5 minutes) Hmm… am I not able to find a good day at all in the next week or so??

5.01pm – WTH. The lil’ hub’s way of writing the proposal is really power. Operational plan in 2 sentences? O.O”’ Might as well don’t write anything!! Sigh… Push him… Push him… Push him…

5.39pm – Gee… I didn’t realise I can go home already until he called. But really pitiful of him to not have enough sleep. But what to do? That’s life with a newborn. Ah… would love to see his actual face.

7.33pm – First draft sent to the lil’ hub! Let’s wait for his inputs now. I hope it’s better than that 2 sentences, or else… *strangles*

11.30pm – All done! Time to spend some time with the little one. Although I did, in a way, just now, by being her “rocking horse” while I lie on the floor doing work. *LOL*

11.47pm – It’s so funny trying to take her photo. We tried so many takes, asking her not to smile or laugh. In the end, it works when we started telling her that we are going to cook the piggy bank already. Then she started to question why and look worried. That’s how I managed to capture this photo. Nice one, baby! For your daddy and your auntie (just for fun) *LOL*


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