Ramblings #0916

x.xxam – Did someone just tell me that I won?… … … Or am I dreaming?… … …

5.36am – Heavy rain and yet everyone sleeps like a log. How I wished, again, that I’m one of them. Been waking up around this time relatively often lately. Sigh…

8.15am – Gee I’m late for work. But I won $8 from World Cup!! *LOL*

9.14am – The tone of your voice is very important, and I’d said it thousand of times. And did I ever mention that the time of saying something is IMPORTANT too. Reached office on a Monday morning, and the first thing that I heard, was not a “Good morning” but instead, a crude comment that says “You can stop wearing that dress.”

Ouch. That hurts. And my morning is spoiled.

11.16am – Nope. The mood ain’t any better. And to be pressed for work which I planned only to do this week simply makes things worse. Hopefully the jog/walk later will help a little. And I don’t care if you are bored for lunch or not. There’s no incentives other than criticisms when I decided to dump my exercise just so to have lunch with you. So why should I? Bye!

5.23pm – Oops.

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