Ramblings #0937

2.01am – I have to stop watching and go and sleep now… 4.53am – Urgh… how did she end up on lil’ hub’s bed…?? 5.37am – Okay, can carry her up finally. Sigh… she really can talk in her sleep. Called me “daddy”… -.-”’ But good that she knows she’s feeling cold and ask me […]

Ramblings #0931

9.24am – It’s a Friday morning and I’m already going into a war zone. But it’s a tad unbalance though, with 3 against 1 plus one neutral. Will see how… Anyway, it’s a dark Friday with another Malaysia commercial airplane crashing into Ukraine. This time round, as per the news, it had been shot down. […]

Movie – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Wow, indeed, definitely confirmed that it’s better than the movie that I’d watched most recently in the cinemas, that is, the Transformers (Age of Extinction) although there isn’t any very famous casts that I knew of, other than the ape, Caesar. And I’ve been wondering if that is a human in an ape costume or […]