Ramblings #0918

7.09am – It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog again. Shall spend some time to catch up with some of it. It’s another day, and the third day of school. Hope everything is okay. Let’s get it started!

8.45am – It really does feel nice to reach the office before 9am where a lot of people ain’t here yet. Let’s hope this will continue as long as my little milkie goes to school. *LOL* I really hope it’ll be better today…

8.55am – The lil’ hub just called me and told me that little milkie cried the moment she heard that the lil’ hub is leaving, and that’s like shortly after we left them in the school -.-”’ And what’s more? She cried until she puked on the lil’ hub. Oooh… Nonetheless, the principal told him to leave since she still continues to cry when he’s carrying her. So he did, and he’s happily now enjoying his breakfast. *LOL*

Anyway, heartache, yes. But I guess it’s just a part of the process. I am the one who decided to let her go to a childcare and I will still insist on that. We can’t possibly let her go her way just by she crying, right? That is NOT the way to go. So… poor little milkie, but GANBATTE! Mummy and daddy, and all, will be BEHIND supporting you!

9.13am – I had quite a shock when the principal messaged me (but very nice of her to talk little milkie’s photos and send to me, so that I know how she’s doing). Just moments ago, I ended the phone call with the lil’ hub, and then just a while later, I received photos from the principal (and I thought she wants us to bring her home already). Not photos of her crying, but photos of her playing with other children, enjoying herself… -.-”’


THAT, is my baby, my little milkie, the SUPERB actress! *Hands over the Best Actress award trophy*

I’m glad and thankful, nonetheless, that her crying had stopped (not sure for how long though).

10.40am – And the crying resumes… *LOL*

10.56am – Stop asking for goat or cow’s milk related items! My dairy factory is fully packed!

11.13am – Time to send the troops to bring the small little rascal back!

1.15pm – How nice would it be, if only I’m doing the tons of things that I like. Things that I had been dreaming since young and is still dreaming about it. Why hadn’t I fulfill it yet? Earlier on is due to distractions and thus got off the track. Now, I’m bound by the long list of commitments that I can’t seem to get out. Yet, I must continue amid all obstacles. Life, it has always been such.

1.37pm – Finally had the time to sit down and connect to my own network.

3.03pm – Just had a chat with one of the Malay colleagues. And he said it’s always best to leave just a small little of food uneaten, as the procedure for putting black magic on a person only works if that person finishes his/her food. Wow…

3.22pm – Thursday. 3.22pm. 2 more hours to go. Wrong. Today need to restart. So I’ll need to bring the computer back. Hmm… talking about computer… I’m going to get a new one soon! The boss had requested one for me, and it’s going to be a smaller one! Hey wait. Does that means I’ll have to clear up my files soon?! O.O!!

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