I can’t remember what was the exact conversation that I had with little milkie, that caused me to be surprised (yet again) but it all suddenly struck upon me. Those words that was mentioned to me by various sources, and then cast aside.

“Do not control them too much. Remember, do not be too controlling.”

“Your children are quite smart.”

“Water them. Otherwise you are as good as useless.”

“Be careful when you are raising smart kids.”

“She’s not really crying that much.”

Everyone has a purpose in life. That’s what I think. Sent by God, or the creator, or whoever, which I don’t really care. Still, there’s definitely a purpose. I, for one, had always since young, think that I’m here, alive in this world to help people. Not in the form of physically helping, but more of coaching, guiding, teaching.

If I’m really destined to have children that are smart, then I will be conscious and make sure I guide them well. Anything that they want to learn and I know. Hmm… I do know quite a bit for their level, you know. *LOL*

If I’m really destined to have children that are independent, then I will let them be. So long the risk isn’t that high. And that it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Is little milkie going to be smart (hopefully not lazy) just like what Auntie Yang had said? She did ask a lot of questions just like what Joey mentioned a long time ago. A strong water element, just like me, but with her dad’s managerial temper. Hmm… *PONDER*


What do you see? Little milkie and her pet friend. For all you know, she’s talented in certain ways.

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