Ramblings #0920

2.53am – Nice ending… ah… if only reality can be so sweet… *stares at the sleeping lil’ hub who had been snoring in his sleep tonight* Thankfully, I still have my baby. *kiss little milkie’s forehead*

3.04am – And that’s the umpteenth time that she hugs me to sleep tonight.

11.06am – Emails checked. Breakfast taken. Korean drama episode re-read again. Shitted. What else is there for me today? It’s a Monday, start of a new working week. Slightly shorter with my Friday’s off. The boss is on leave, and my admin on MC. The other lunch kaki is probably on a really extremely bad mood. Anyway, am I going to gym today? Hmm…

The mood doesn’t seem right. Maybe I’m a tad tired from the lack of sleep. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be spending sleeping time on Korean dramas instead, but it’s still nice to watch fairytale-drama-like at times, isn’t it? *dreaming*

11.15am – Hmm… principal not in centre today. Shall wait and see the reply from little milkie’s teacher. Hmm… no gym today either. Or should I go on my own? Ah… really feel like going home to take a nap. But if my baby is not at home yet… then… hmm… and I feel like hugging my big baby too… But it’s like a 45 minutes ride. Sigh… really doesn’t feel good today. Emo?

11.23am – Maybe I shouldn’t have watched those dramas… it’s not the first time…

11.45am – Ooooh… little milkie is going to sleep in the childcare… Ooooh… ^^

1.18pm – The garlic smell lingered in my mouth. How do I get rid of it?

1.51pm – Just received a text from the childcare teacher saying that little milkie woke up and looking for her “baba”. Hmm… dad? It’s weird when she mentioned “baba”. Did we ever use that? Hmm… anyway, glad that she never cry, or at least, that’s what I heard. Maybe it’s because she can converse in Mandarin with those teachers who can speak Mandarin, and thus felt more assured. 2.30pm, that’s the time that my parents are going to fetch her. Will do for now (I meant this week first), till 3pm.

Honestly, they are not the only one who felt heartache to send her to a childcare at this age. But between staying at home and making everyone tire out like that (it’s a butterfly effect), it’s better off sending her to a childcare to socialize and learn something. Then again, if little milkie loves going to school that much, why stop her?

2.04pm – Felt like I’m being watched again. A colleague is sitting right beside another one, and his head kept turning towards my direction. I don’t like this.

3.21pm – Called and confirmed. Little milkie’s perfectly alright with her school again. Come on! It’s just a week! Isn’t that great news?! Indeed, it is. I hadn’t expect it to be that fast. I gave her a month, and apparently I have underestimate her WAAAAAAAY too much. She’s a lot more stronger and independent than I think she is. Oh gosh, somehow I can’t believe it. I think I need some camomile tea.

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