One of the greatest joy in life, is to be surrounded by books. Great books. Beautiful books. Books.

Like all its friends, they are slowly being forgotten. One by one. Handwritten letters replaced by handphone messages, CDs replaced by mp3s, a walk in the park replaced by catching a movie, books replaced by Internet and many others.

I love books. Really. Just a walk around Kinokuniya on a weekday lunch brought back the dreams and inspirations I once have amidst the mundane life that I’m living. How I wish I can be sitting on a beach and reading a book, or lazing on a couch with a book on my lap, sipping a cup of warm camomile tea in the cosy living room.

Life, that’s how it should be spent at times. And while not doing that, I’ll be doing the things that I love. Ah… just by dreaming about it brings a smile onto my face.

Will it ever come true?



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