10.51am – Change is the only constant. It’s time to change and re-look into life.

11.58am – Got requested to stay for a little short while before lunch by my boss. Guess what? A new department head is coming and my admin will report to that person from then on. Not sure how that person will be like. Just hope everything won’t be changed too drastically. And… what is that ‘SDM’ doing under my name? 0.0?

1.58pm – Poor little milkie… she looks like she’s going to cry again… Sigh, but what to do? For the benefit of all, I really need to do this at the expense of her and my pocket. She will become a spoiled brat if she is to just stay at home, just like the Ra-fa-“L”. Hmm… let’s think of something for her to do at home to cheer her up other than playing her toys. It’s MILKIE’s DAY!


4.05p – Gosh… Wished I’m at home or outside doing my things instead of wasting my time in the office. I’m so bored but there’s no tools that I can work with. Nor can I do things freely on my sites. Ah… help me… the sleeping bug is taking over my body… Ah…

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