8.13am – It’s a Sunday. Shall I sleep more? Or shall I wake up to start prepare for the day? Hmm…

8.36am – Oops. I totally forgotten that I need to wake my sister up. *LOL*

11.10am – Sometimes I really don’t understand why is it that expensive. But I couldn’t possibly spoil the market, can I? And in fact, I really think it’s roughly around that amount of money. Anyway, let’s head on to something else. As for that girlfriend’s one… hmm… do it free? Gee…like that I’m afraid I’ll be doing it free for a lot! Maybe I will just take the cost price of it all. Hmm… we shall see…


4.39pm – A sunny day. A nice day to take a walk along the beach with the lil’ hub and little milkie. A tad hot but I guess it’s okay. Just a bit sadden by the fact that there’s so little seashells around already. Still remember I used to go to the beach with my parents and I’ll spend half an hour in search of these small little shells. Normally, it won’t be too difficult. But today, as I tried, stones, twigs, and more stones were all I see… What happened? I wondered…


7.30pm – What’s with all the pink vs the white, and the removal of 3 children story books that were said to incorporate incorrect values. OMG. Then the whoever should really just remove the whole fiction section because there are a lot more books that taught wrong values. Pure laziness on the parents’ part, either that or people are just trying to stir trouble for the “wrong family”. But what is right and what is wrong? Who are you (whoever that complained) to take away that rights from other parents? If you don’t want your children to read, then don’t let them read! Why do you need to put them in such a safe environment? Spoon feed till such extend. OMG. I really don’t know what to say anymore. Put PG on the books then. Parental Guidance, in case you have no idea what it meant. Sigh… CAN’T WE JUST LIVE IN PEACE?!!!

8.37pm – Menses pain or stomach aches?

9.16pm – After seeing so many posts on the Facebook related to the removal of a few storybooks from the library because some parents complained, it makes me really tempted to write in to complain about those princesses’ stories that gave us false hope, taught us to lie & steal (puss in boots, jack n the bean stalk, emperor’s new clothes etc.), or even those stories where animals and vehicles can talk! That will save a lot of my time in explaining to the kid. So, I think the library should just remove and scrap away the whole fictional section since it probably would be quite empty. Oh, I know! Maybe the library should start to rate the books in G, PG etc. Duh.

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