1.07pm – When you are helping some IT illiterate people halfway through the course, this is one of the norms that will happen – nobody knows anything. Gosh. I just needed a simple help on the settings but I’m now given another login password by another company. I really want to faint already.

1.33pm – Will people ever understand that we are not really allowed to tell them exactly how to “cheat” in order to get through? They are supposed to know all these. Sigh… I’m so tired. Would they sack me?

3.45pm – Wow… little milkie never cry for a Monday!! Good job baby!


5.26pm – The Monday had finally ended and on a fulfilling note. Managed to confirm if there’s a difference between printing the same picture using the “Windows Photo Viewer” and “Microsoft Word”. Indeed there is. Those printed by the “Windows Photo Viewer” tends to appear a little darker than the other. I’m sorry, I am that sensitive to colours, since young, so… bear with me. *LOL* Happy Monday!

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