Wow, indeed, definitely confirmed that it’s better than the movie that I’d watched most recently in the cinemas, that is, the Transformers (Age of Extinction) although there isn’t any very famous casts that I knew of, other than the ape, Caesar. And I’ve been wondering if that is a human in an ape costume or was it all animated? Hmm… not really very interested to google about it.

Let’s have a short recap of the Part 1. An intelligent ape, called Caesar, was raised by a human. Everything went well till Caesar attacked a neighbour and was caught and locked. It got pissed and started a revolution, which ended with him fleeing a bunch of apes, and then some kind of virus spreading to a pilot. And so this movie continued and started off with a series of news reports showing that the virus was spread across the whole world, and that humanity is dying out. Then the screen turns to Caesar and its group of families hunting dears. It was then shown that Caesar’s son and friend came across a guy (he came with a group of people), who in a state of panic, wounded the friend. Then the apes all came.

Apparently the humans are running out of electricity, and they needed to turn on the hydroelectric power at the ape’s area. So the main lead, Malcolm (starring Jason Clarke) decided to take a gamble and go back to (hopefully) convince Caesar on allowing them to fix the dam. Well, things turn out well until an ape, Koba, who was one of the right hand apes of Caesar, betrayed him…

Interesting movie with quite a bit of action. Was expecting the humans to strike first but who knows… Hmm… a tad sad for Caesar towards the ending, for it wasn’t what he had wanted. And I’m pretty sure there will be a Part 3 coming up a few years later.

4 out of 5 stars or popcorns, if you want a rating ^^

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