Ramblings #0928

9.52am – Had a short chat with a friend. He must be freaking busy with his new baby. Ah… would love so much to catch up with him but too bad, I’ve got a meeting right now.

11.52am – Wow. It’s time for lunch already.

1.15pm – Why do I feel like I’m in North Korea (minus away the physical torture & hunger)? Are they going to start scanning through books bought and shipped over to Singapore by individuals in the future? And why the sudden interest in attacking the LGBT or the so-called not so norms families? Are they not human?

I seriously think that those parents who complained are so lack of interest in guiding their children, and thus chosen the short-cut. I doubt their children will become any good in the future because learn and practise “discrimination”. Sigh…

The world is going to come to an end with these people being so close-minded and restrictive to changes. THESE are the people that will cause wars on Earth. THESE are the people who are unable to accept anything against them. Why? Because such things are so minute and yet they actually argued over it. Aren’t there anything better to do???


Sadly, here’s one of the many books that will be brought off the shelves of the SNLB (Stupid National Library Board).

2.10pm – Darn. Computer hung.

3.08pm – I’m running this report for the 4th time today. If it doesn’t work… I am going to… >.<

4.02pm – Do not blindly sign. That’s something that everyone should know. What happened?

Hmm… probably partly my fault but even so, nothing can be saved anyway. So here it goes, my IA (internal audit) asked me for some information while I was running that bloody damn report and thus I can’t use my computer. And so, in a rush (since he asked me quite a while ago), I decided to use my admin’s computer. And half way while looking at the records, I find it weird that the workflow wasn’t complete, and so I asked my IA. But then upon thinking a little bit more, I decided to check with my boss, which OMG, they are doing an audit now!

Too late, that’s all I can say. There’s no way we can salvage it even if given the time. It’s either my idol (oh, did I say it’s my idol who blindly signed?) didn’t check properly or that his staffs never follow the procedures. So that’s it. One demerit point for him. Sigh…

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