Ramblings #0929

10.01am – I saw her coming, with that glow on her face. Oh no. It must have been love, again. But didn’t I warn her from going towards any? Not even close? Indeed, she never heed my advice. What can I say? I just hope things turn out better than the previous times.

Sometimes, when one after another, all you met are jerks. You might just want to stop and rest for a while, before engaging with another jerk. Take it as a change for luck. But since she kept insisting they are still friends, I shall keep my hands off her. Sigh… *What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more…*

2.43pm – I. Have. No. Mood. To. Work.

3.52pm – Which colour scheme should I use for…

4.51pm – I wonder if this group of colours would be nice…


4.59pm – Simply don’t have the mood to work already. The lil’ hub’s bringing little milkie to come and fetch us. Glad it’s one step forward for him, to bring her out on his own. Kudos!

5.35pm – Why aren’t the sis picking up her phone…!

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