Ramblings #0931

9.24am – It’s a Friday morning and I’m already going into a war zone. But it’s a tad unbalance though, with 3 against 1 plus one neutral. Will see how…

Anyway, it’s a dark Friday with another Malaysia commercial airplane crashing into Ukraine. This time round, as per the news, it had been shot down. What has the world become?

RIP to the passengers and crews On board.

10.31am – I can sense a war coming near. 23 July 2014. 2 different groups with one weird idea. I don’t know how the idea came about. It doesn’t make sense to me either but I shall remain in my neutral position till it’s going to affect me too much.

10.39am – On a happy note, looks like some people at the top still can be salvage by compromising. Those books will be put into the adult section rather than just being removed. They should have done this at the start. Nonetheless it’s not too late. But now, I wonder what will come next.

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