I’m lucky today! For I get to have a nice FREE lunch and at the same time, try out a new branch of Nandos! So where am I today? I’m at NEX, and Nandos had taken over the place where Cafe Cartel used to be, at B1, located near to one of the MRT exit. It’s a tad sad that Cafe Cartel isn’t around anymore, but nonetheless, I’m glad that they replace with something that is nice too.

So here’s Nandos!


Everything’s still quite new for it’s open only for a month or so. The service’s also not too bad and best of all, it’s not crowded during lunch time! Maybe a lot of people didn’t realise its existence yet, despite all the posters around the shopping mall. Or maybe because it’s right at a corner and thus not in sight.


Anyhow, the chicken still tasted as yummy and juicy as ever. We took the Ramadan set which cost about $39.90, and it comes with 2 sets of 1/4 chicken, 4 side dishes, 2 small desserts and 2 glasses of soft drinks. For side dishes, we took the sweet potato mash, coleslaw, potato wedges and fino salad (if I am not wrong). Personally I like the first 3 but it would be even nicer if the amount is a little bit more.

The ambience is nice too. Quiet in a corner and away from the crowded shopping area. There’s even a view of one small man-made waterfall outside the restaurant!

Nice! Definitely nice and will go there again. Finally, one that is nearer to home! I LOVE NANDOS!

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