Ramblings #0935

8.35am – Singing in head after sending little milkie to school (tune to Lazy’s Song):

“Dont wake me up in the morning, I get mad and I’ll scream without warning. Let me stay here in bed, nice and warm, stop that wake-up alarm? (Wake up, wake up, wake up)

Who did invent the alarm clock? He’d better stay outta my way, I like to wake up nice and easy but the sound of that bell, it spoils my day!

It’s every morning. The same old story. When we reached outside of the gate. And little milkie will then start her crying. ‘I want to go to granny’s house…’


8.55am – THIS has got to be one of the worst junction ever! Look at this, the road in front of us is totally clear but yet we are unable to move because of the blockage caused by those vehicles turning to the right! Goodness! Whoever that designed this layout should be fired if he/she is still working. Terrible. Simply terrible. And the people that are currently working should be sacked too as they can’t solve this issue. Sigh…

8.58am – Okay, I shall go for a fat breakfast today.

9.54am – It’s another day. I’m still feeling tired despite sleeping at 12am last night. Or maybe it’s the quality of the sleep. I did wake up twice in the middle of it. Ah… ok never mind, let’s just try to stick to the plan… whatever plan(s) I have… Good morning.

10.31am – I’m thinking… maybe I should drop her and her out of the picture already. Seems like they weren’t as enthusiastic as they seem to be… Sigh… I’m back to square one. Indeed, it’s not easy to find a good and lasting partnership.

11.09am – Lunch appointment cancelled. Back to lunch with my lunch kakis.

11.27am – Wow! It’s already going to be lunch time soon and I didn’t realize it! Gee… I guess it’s time to log off my own network. *Yawn* Should I try today? Hmm…

12.59pm – Colleagues commented that I’m emo today. Am I?

3.00pm – In the meeting room, correcting on the spelling, punctuation, grammar and tenses of my teammate, again. It’s funny, really, when we have to go through such sessions. *LOL*

4.54pm – For the whole of today, my mind seems to have drifted to the land of dreams. And my hunger for food can never be satisfied as I threw down the food one after another with short breaks in between. What is happening? The fatigue that I’m experiencing Also definitely doesn’t help. Sigh… I want to go home…

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