7.54am – I tried taking a picture of myself just a while ago. Trying to see how I fare after almost 3 years of terribly out-of-shape figure. And the result was disastrous. No matter which angle that I tried to take, it looks like crap.


The arms look like it belongs to a giant. The butt is way too big. The waist is the worst of all as I could hardly detect it. And when I when the front, it basically looks like a BLOCK! Then there’s that double chin that is SO SO SO obvious!! Sigh… what is happening to me? I look so old… and that stupid hair definitely doesn’t complement me at all. Gross. That’s one word that came straight into my head. Am I going to continue it this way?

8.32am – It definitely is an achievement for her not to cry (only whine) when going into the school today. I hope she’ll get used to this routine and stop crying soon. Sigh… time to go to work.

2.35pm – Something is wrong. Why do I suddenly feel more needy. No good.

2.50pm – And emo too, for the past few days…

5.02pm – I’m still down. But got a little perk up after hearing a speech from Ashton Kutcher. Oh yes, it’s that oh-so-cute-and-sexy Ashton. So what did he say? It’s quite a well spoken speech really. He said to focus on 3 things: opportunity, being sexy and living life. Opportunity means hard work to him. He said that he never quit till he gets another job, and each job is a stepping stone to another one. Yes, agree that one must work in order to achieve, especially for those who has nothing or little to begin with. Then he said that everyone needs to be sexy, and his definition of sexy means being smart, thoughtful and generous. Nice… everyone should be. Lastly, he said to build a life instead of living in one, because the rest of the people ain’t as smart as you are. Hmm… I didn’t know he’s that smart too. That makes him even more cute! *LOL*

5.25pm – Time to pack up soon.

6.08pm – It’s alright, I shall wait for a few more days…

7.20pm – I’m back here at Nandos @ NEX, sitting on the same table and seat as that day. How coincidence can that be? Hmm… and I was supposed to be meeting another friend for dinner at Nandos. Guess there’s just no luck.

10.03pm – Just got back home, and I was a little shock to see the little one in a “party”. Running around with the relatives at such time. I think I better go and bathe now, and get her to sleep soon or else…

10.28pm – It’s amazing how fast kids can absorb. A song that was probably taught today or a few days and she can managed to sing (without much tune) with such clarity (at her level). Good job! *LOL* Sorry if I’m too excited over such small little things but I simply can’t hide my joy that my baby is learning! ^^ Ah… I am so biased… *LOL*

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