I’m currently at the period where I’m surrounded by parents. Friends who became parents. Friends who have children around the age of my daughter. Friends who constantly asked me about which childcare my baby is in, if I’m sending her to enrichment course, shinchida (an ex-colleague told me a pregnant lady queried about it while he was there… PREGNANT only), or which primary school, and one who actually asked me when I’m going to start sending her for tuition. O.O”’

Goodness me. My baby is ONLY 2 years old…

Suddenly, it dawns on me that I’m under peer pressure. As much as I’m not as kiasu as my friends or other parents, I would still want my daughter to be not at the “bottom” of the hierarchy. And I’m being constantly being fed with information from them which I didn’t ask for!

A chat with a close friend a week ago makes me started to consider a lot of things, as according to her, the neighbourhood primary school which I attended ain’t as good as it used to be anymore. That, was supposed to be my one and only choice (which will eliminate so many other problems) till now. Like what I’d mentioned, I don’t want my baby to be right at the bottom. So if that school is like a “trash bin”, it’s going to be more or less out of my sight, where possible.

And then after a chat with the lil’ hub and the sis, we realised that there weren’t much good primary schools around our area. Then there’s those stupid criteria which is constantly changing. I did a search (just out of fun) on the school – Mee Toh Primary School and saw this news that says the parents started queuing up for the registration of the volunteer program! I’m like OMG! And a detailed read of the article shows another thing. It’s for children entering in 2017!!! Now it’s 2014. 2017??! 3 years ahead? *facepalm*

What… is the world… becoming to…? So competitive even for this??

What am I going to do now? Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t need her to be the best, but I don’t want her to be around the last either…

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