2.01am – I have to stop watching and go and sleep now…

4.53am – Urgh… how did she end up on lil’ hub’s bed…??

5.37am – Okay, can carry her up finally. Sigh… she really can talk in her sleep. Called me “daddy”… -.-”’ But good that she knows she’s feeling cold and ask me (or her dad) to cover her with blanket.

7.30am – Crap. I have to wake up… wake up…

7.58am – It must have been the extra hot sauce from Nandos yesterday… *trying hard to squeeze it out…*

8.43am – Achievement today too! She didn’t start to cry (yet)!

9.29am – I really have no idea why the toilet auntie loves to wash the toilet at such untimely timing. Sigh… now I need to rush to the lower level. Damn… 2 days of extra hot sauce is simply too much on my poor stomach… I think I’ll try and take something lighter later.


11.27am – Hungry. And bored. But it’s better to be bored with nothing to do than busy like crazy. And most likely I’ll skip the workshop tomorrow which I’d gotten free from Joey Yap’s purchase. Sigh… why didn’t I take 2 tickets for the same workshop, and instead, just gotten one each? What was I thinking…?

11.32am – Erm… did I just become a backup of IT Security? O.O”’

4.15pm – 1 hour and 15 more minutes to go. Endure… Endure…

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