Ramblings #0943

7.25am – It’s Monday again.

8.41am – And thankfully, I’m not really that late. But does it matter when my boss ain’t around for the whole of this week?

9.15am – Hmm… is my admin on MC or leave today? *Pondering hard*

9.28am – Wow, she’s damn power! Now then reach. *LOL* I knew she will “chu” pattern one! *LOL* But like that…

12.03pm – I’m definitely still feeling emo because I get irritated when that colleague kept talking about her new boy boy, and it seems like all the same craps are coming out! Grow up girl! Don’t get angry over small little things. Sigh… better keep my mouth shut.

12.13pm – I really feel like slapping people these days. I don’t need you to remind me that my figure is out of shape again (directly), especially when I’m about to have my lunch. *angry* Yours isn’t any better, really. And you should stop wearing that short flare skirt because it totally doesn’t suit your age. Oh, I forgotten to tell you last week, did I? Maybe I should tell you in your face when you wear them this week.

Some people, simply really doesn’t know how to talk in an appropriate way where it doesn’t irritate the others. I’m pretty sure she don’t mean it but all I can say is, she doesn’t know how to choose the right time. *facepalm*

I shall not talk much today, and tomorrow, and maybe the day after. I’m glad she’s on half day leave today.

1.05pm – Hmm… is that the reason why? Did I see it wrongly? It’s so faint!

3.39pm – It’s so difficult to find friends for dinner. Let’s just have it alone, I don’t feel like asking anymore.

4.36pm – I’m LAGGING BEHIND AGAIN!! That’s what happens when there’s a long weekend, and then shopping after shopping. *LOL* This is real time blogging, the rest before that for the past week are probably not. Now, at 4.37pm, I am drinking a cup of milo and feeling damn sleepy but finally got myself to tether and connect to it. Ah… I hate my company’s policy. *LOL*

Hmm… wondered what I should eat for dinner tonight since I’ll be on my own. Long John? Mos? Hmm… It’s been way too long since I’m in Orchard, can’t really remember what’s available at Isetan Scotts anymore. Darn lazy, but I shall still go for my free consultation on the SK-II Magic Ring whatever. Shall try and update by tomorrow, if not later.

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