It was purely for fun, and thus the registration for the SK-II Magic Ring consultation held at Isetan Scotts. Nonetheless, I was relatively excited to know the age of my skin. So there I was, sitting down and writing down my particulars as per asked. And while doing that, I saw the different percentage for 5 different areas. The numbers ain’t very high. And the age of their skin ain’t that young. I thought, hmm… would mine be as bad?


And so, the friendly lady took a photo of the right side of my face using the magic ring machine that they have, and then we waited for a few minutes for the result to come out. Then, it’s simply TADA!


Can you believe it? Honestly, I couldn’t especially when I saw that “100%” and so I asked jokingly, “Does that mean there’s nothing that I need to do?” *LOL* Of course NO! Skin care is an everyday business that needs to be done internally as well as externally. Anyway, the analysis is divided into 5 areas, namely, texture refinement, firmness power, wrinkle resilience, spot control and radiance enhancement. Generally mine was quite good in all areas except for texture refinement (dryness), which lowers my overall percentage to 91%.

But guess my skin age now? I’ve got a skin age of 21 years old!! That’s 13 years younger than my age! Is that the reason for my baby face? Hmm… I wondered…

Anyway, it was a nice test, and you can do yours by registering in the SK-II website. It’s only available for a limited period of time. Of course they will tell you which of their products are good for you but it’s entirely up to you to decide if you want to get it.

Personally I’m an SK-II user since 2007 (on and off) and I would say it’s quite good. But then again it depends on individual and I won’t give all the credits to SK-II. It has to be part of what you eat and do such as I don’t smoke nor drink coffee. I drink quite at least 8 glasses of water daily. And I probably am the lucky bunch to have better genes on skin to begin with.

Anyway, it’s best to get their travel pack or trial kit and try out their basic products before you proceed to burn a hole in your pocket! *LOL* Oh yes, there’s a promotion where you get a free luggage if you buy their whitening products. Last only 10 days!

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