Ramblings #0944

9.47am – Let’s keep those helpful people close to me, like what Joey Yap had said. And then keep those who are not, far away!

10.16am – Why are u telling me this? Do you expect me to fill in?

11.16am – If I am their boss, I will sack each and everyone of them for their brainlessness, selfishness and laziness. Idiots. I seriously wondered how did they move up to their current position.

1.26pm – I’m back to where the idiots are. Gross. I really need a Plan B seriously

1.47pm – Why is everyone pissing me off today?

2.26pm – And so, there’s the smell of the Indians, and there’s that extremely sweet choking smell of the body shop lotion. These, makes me want to puke, on top of my phlegm. The voice of that few irritating people across the room doesn’t help at all either.

5.16pm – I’m OFF!

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