Ramblings #0945

3.53am – I can’t get no…. satisfaction… from sleep… *cough cough* Ah… might as well…

4.39am – Gosh. When is this cough going to stop?

5.14am – I need to sleep…

8.21am – Great. Now I am really late.

11.04am – It’s one of those days where I don’t feel like doing anything, except to sit by the beach and enjoy the breeze, with (hopefully) no worries. Suddenly, there seem to be really an infinite number of things which I need to think and plan. It’s all good, of course, like which primary school my baby got to go in the future (Huh? Really??!! When she’s 2 years old!), and how we can go about moving the darn stupid bloody house. Oops, apologize for the words used but I simply can’t understand the logic behind all these. And then how to earn more money and curb spending so much money (but I just saw a new Thomas Sabo charm!) *LOL*

I’m serious.

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