5.13pm – It’s already 5.13pm, and in another half an hour, I’ll be packing my bag and going home. It’s Friday, the 8 of August, and also the “Pa Pa Day (8-8)” for the Taiwanese, a.k.a. Fathers’ Day. Well, I’m not celebrating that. Today would probably be just an ordinary day where I go to work, and then go back home after work, and then sleep.

Maybe there’s something different. Little milkie finally went back to school today for the National Day’s celebration after resting at home for the past 2 weeks due to the fever and cough. Yes right, I’m glad that she had fully recovered, and I hope I will recover soon, too. Anyway, as usual, she was reluctant to go to school in the morning but when I went to pick her up today from school, she seems extremely happy. I really wondered what did they do in school today. Heard from her she really did the Singapore workout as well as spread the jam and margarine on her own bread. And wow! The photo’s up in Facebook! Okay, I shall go grab a look first!

5.28pm – She’s really so adorable! But I bet she’s kind of naughty too. Anyhow, here’s some of the shots taken during her celebration. No wonder she’s so happy today. There’s the Singapore Great Workout, and then singing of the national anthem, relay games and making of her own jelly! Enjoy!


Look at the flag! It’s flying!




How do I get over? Anyone can help?


Hmm… looks easy. I doubt it’ll be any problem for me *smirk*


Indeed! I can definitely do this! My first “cooking” lesson!

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