It’s Singapore’s 49th birthday and is a public holiday! So what’s better than to spend the time and have a facelift for the site! Okay fine, there wasn’t really much changes except for the header and some of the colours here and there. But I’m glad I finally took some time off to finish this which I had set aside for quite a period of time.

*LOL* Anyway, today was generally a fulfilling day with me waking up slightly later in the morning to try and catch up with some needy sleep. Followed by a lunch with the sis and cuz. Managed to get my free SK-II luggage too. And then subsequently took a really short nap before grabbing some dinner and watching the parade. The only negative thing that happened was with that stupid car (and definitely the owner too).

Anyhow, it was the first time that little milkie probably understand a little on what was going on. I sure enjoy the part where she stood up and said the pledge and sang the anthem. Not exactly that accurate but I guess it’s quite good for a 2 years old. It’s a tad sad that everyone was too engross in looking at her “performing” and it wasn’t taped down. Somehow, makes me really wondered if I should send her for singing courses, to see if she loves it. Hmm…

Hope your holiday was well spent with your friends and family too!


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