There’s no wonder why people tend to stereotype those who drive big cars and live in big houses. Sometimes it’s not out of envy, but it’s the truth. It’s because generally, a high percentage of people of that group did it that way, just like how a lot of people perceive Chinese (including me). Nonetheless, I’m not saying that ALL of them are like that because I personally knew of people that ain’t the way people stereotype them to be.

Today was supposed to be a happy day for a happy lunch. Pardon me for some of the words that I might be using later on but I simply can’t control that anger cells with all those newly created hormones. And with that half an hour of circling and waiting around the area to find a free lot prior, it doesn’t take much for a patient lady to become otherwise.

So here’s what. We were down at the Triple One Somerset carpark looking for a lot. And then from afar, we saw this 2 lots available on both sides of the big BMW. A car ahead of us tried but failed and left off. It was an annoying sight. Not that the car in front left, but of the BMW. There were 3 lots and I would admit that the lot ain’t very big. But yet that stupid owner of the BMW had to deliberately park right in the middle of those 3 lots so that no other cars can park beside it. Why am I so sure that the owner was deliberate? It’s because the lil’ hub tried parking on it’s left side first before attempting on the right (the driver’s side)! And there was no way another car could have parked in there at all with the driver getting in the car seat. So there I am, asking, “WHY CAN’T HE PARKS ON ONE CORNER SO THAT AT LEAST ANOTHER CAR CAN PARK?!!”

Selfish and probably rich people. That’s my first thought. An idiot. That’s my second thought. It’s simply because of such people that those who drove BMWs has a bad reputation, or maybe they really did.


Anyway, we parked on the driver’s side and left little space for the driver to go in especially if he/she is of those big size ones. Instinctively, I took a snapshot of this car because I have a feeling that he will be those irritating rich spoiled brat that will damaged someone’s car. And indeed, I was right. The owner of SGW2288U made a deep dent on the lil’ hub’s car door with some paint chipped off. And that’s how nice some people are, in my country.

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