Erm… what can I say? As the name of the movie implies, it’s a haywire movie, literally. For almost the whole movie, I have absolutely not much idea what is it about except one girl who was injured, and while driving, she told her story to a guy who helped her knocked out or killed her colleague at the restaurant. And then the story just flip between the past and the present. Seriously, what’s up with all these movies? Is it that popular to switch back and forth? *recalling on Duplicity which I watched last night*

Anyway, Gina Carano starred as Mallory Kane, who is the main lead. So at the last, she was sitting in a cafe waiting for Aaron (starring Channing Tatum). But shortly after he reached and had a short conversation, he started attacking her. And after some help from the people nearby, she managed to knock him out (or kill him). I have no idea which is which for there wasn’t much being said before she fled the place with another guy whom help her earlier on. So they took his car and started driving. That’s where she began to “tell” her story to the guy. And apparently she was being set up…

So how’s the movie? Slooooooooow… I would say that there wasn’t much action. WORST of all, hardly much conversations! It’s like the director or producer tries to be artistic but it ended up sucky! *LOL*

Unless you are extremely bored with lots of free time on your hand, don’t bother watching it.

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