8.07am – It’s early in the morning with a mere 5 hours of sleep but I was intrigued by something right in front of me. Did I see it correctly? How did that happen? Procrastination on my part, that’s the reason, and thus was overtaken. I should have put in more effort…


11.17am – The rain had finally left. Timing for today seems a little out. And little milkie is walking around, singing and singing anything and everything. I do like to comment that she’s relatively good at coming up with her own lyrics and tune. In short, she can basically sing anything that she’s thinking! Not in an extremely nice melody though. *LOL* Well, I guess it’ll be better with some training. *LOL*

And she’s off diaper now! Let’s hope she can follow the instructions and inform us later. But I’m not expecting a 100% because after all, it’s her first attempt!

11.23am – The lil’ hub just asked me what I’m busy with. He’s weird. On one hand, he commented that I always never do things and everything was half f*. But now he’s asking why am I so busy. Does he expect things to get done just by loitering around? -.-”’

11.40am – Okay. Attempt failed. She wet her pants.

1.05pm – Finished burning the paper money for the dead. Something that I felt must be done for those that are gone. I mean, you never know if it’s true right though if you were to ask me, I will tell you it’s the truth. They, indeed, will receive it. And it’s quite funny that my MIL started burning ever since she moved over. Maybe she really didn’t have a good feeling when she didn’t burn it. I still can remember very clearly when she shut me up half a decade ago, when I curiously asked her if she burned yet. Her answer was “SHH!! DON’T TELL ME!”. Wasn’t that good an impression if you were to ask me. Anyway, that’s life.

2.31pm – Hungry. I need food or else I’m fainting.

4.34pm – Oops. Forgot to use my membership for payment at the Lao Beijing restaurant.

4.42pm – GOODNESS! Don’t ever eat the “xiao cai” at Lao Beijing for dinner!! They actually used what’s leftover in the buffet, and then separate it into small dishes to be sold later on!! *faintz*

7.03pm – I… simply… can’t… sleep… sigh…

10.02pm – I don’t want to admit defeat!!

11.48pm – The baby’s finally asleep and I, too, can sleep, and start baking in my sleep. Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. And DON’T install the fb messenger.

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