8.24am – DARN! OVERSLEPT!!!!

10.36am – New lappie coming in!


12.42pm – My super unhealthy and fattening lunch. Presenting fried kway teow and prawn mee soup from the coffeeshops at Hougang Green! Would have gotten the wanton mee with that queue number had they not ignore me (again). They really do have some attitude problem. I guess it’s probably because they earned enough already and has a lot of customers and thus became so attitude. Simply ignored me when I stood there for such a long time. Pui!

1.26pm – Dreaded going back to the office. Sigh… I am so freaking sleepy. The only thing I’m looking forward to is the facial appointment that I’m going to tonight.

2.41pm – It’s amazing how fate sometimes links 2 person back together. Was replying in my new group and saw a new comer. Suddenly remembered that I used to have a friend with the same name and surname. It was a relatively common name but that photo of the kid simply resembles her as well. I’d dropped her a message, she hasn’t replied yet but I’m pretty sure it’s her. More than 10 years ago… hmm… can you believe it that we “meet” each other again in such situation?

3.00pm – AHHH!!! It’s been confirmed!! She replied!!! It’s her alright!!! AHHH!!! I’m so happy!!!! A friend I knew in my first 3 months of my JC life!! Tad too bad I changed school after that and slowly lost contact! Am so happy!

3.14pm – A friend just pinged me and told me that she’s feeling sad as she’s going to stop breastfeeding. Ah… I can understand the dilemma and pain. She would have continued hadn’t she been very sick for 2 weeks. But mommies out there, you would have already done a great job if in the first place, you had intended to breastfeed your baby!


6.52pm – Here’s my cute little “fiberman”! *LOL* That’s what happens when you can’t pronounce the “s” properly. It’s either that or “piperman”. Anyway, still cute! Mommy adores you to bits!!!


10.03pm – Hmm… didn’t manage to catch the moon on this lousy camera of the phone. I think it will look nicer 2 days back. I wondered… are there really aliens over there? Why hadn’t man went up there ever since Armstrong? Or did they really go up without announcing? Hmm…

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