Storms. Hurricanes. Cyclones. Tornadoes. Typhoons. Twister. Do you know the difference?

Honestly, I can’t, especially with tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes. A search on the google somehow gave me the impression that they are all the same, except where it started. It’s like, a different word use for different country.

Anyway, though I live in this sunny relatively free of natural disaster (for now) island, I have always loved to know and read on such events. Of course, not the number of deaths that accompanied it with, but how the phenomena came about. Nonetheless I’m glad that I don’t have to live with it nor experience it much (so far there’s only a quite bad typhoon and earthquake in Taiwan).

So here I am, eager to watch this movie and wondering if it would be any better than the old old movie “Twister”. But my expectation wasn’t as high as firstly, the cast aren’t as famous and secondly, the theater was relatively empty (only a quarter filled).

Anyway, since we are here, we can’t possibly walk out so let’s start. The movie started with a group of high school kids who were sitting in the car. And I have no idea why they were stopping in the middle of the road (probably because there was a heavy rain). Then somehow in the dark, the overhead power cables start to give off sparks as if something struck it. So a stupid kid (maybe a little tipsy) decided to go down and film it down or see it, and then after a while, they all realised that there’s actually a small tornado and so they tried to drive and flee but alas, it was too late. They got caught in the tornado and BOOM!

Then it shows the next day where there’s a group of storm chasers and the leader was complaining about how they didn’t manage to capture any of it thanks to the lady who is supposed to be an expert in predicting the location. And then subsequently on this kid having an argument with his dad who was a vice principal of a school, which will be holding a graduation ceremony. There’s also a group of “dare devils” who does stupid things.

Anyway, back to the storm chasers. The lady then decided to go to location A whereas the leader said location B, but in the end the tornado ended up at B. The leader was furious and started flaring at her. But suddenly, there was a heavy downpour of hail and they realised that the tornado is heading their way, and it’s going to be big. And so they went right beside it. But just as they were about to go into it, the tornado dissipated and in turn, went to the school! This was when the lady realised that this tornado ain’t the usual ones.

Hmm… are we really having more and more weirdly behaving storms in real? There was a scene where there’s 5 different tornadoes around the same area. Did that really happen or was it purely just imagination?

Overall, the movie was quite alright except for a few stupid scenes. If you are looking at the effects, they sure were quite good. Storyline was more or less expected. Don’t mind watching again on TV.

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