Ramblings #0952

8.32am – I’m glad I wasn’t late today. Never really like the idea of reaching the office too late, especially after 9am. Why? Because I would love to go home on the dot without feeling like I shortchanged the company! Do you know there’s already a lot of people saying that our team is very relax while the rest works like crazy? Not a really good comment, you know… I mean, not that we are skiving or what. I can only say we are probably more efficient than them. But reaching office late and going home on the dot is just somewhat not really acceptable for me. So… anyway, we’ll see how things goes.

8.58am – I think my boss finds it weird that I’m here in the office already. No good. No good.

9.08am – Wow. Today, people are early. Could it be the new boss? Hmm… No, it’s not me! I didn’t come early deliberately! *LOL* Anyway, let me finish my breaky and I’ll proceed to clear my bowel. Better to clear now than late at night.


9.19am – My admin just came over and told me that I can used my headphone today as the new boss is busy engaging with the other heads. So my question is, why? Did the boss say that he don’t like? Even if he did so, then please give me a good reason why I can’t use the headphone/earphone and listen to music or whatever so that I don’t disturb other people and at the same time, am able to focus on my job? Nonsense, if he was to really said that. Nonsense, that she would even comment on this. Sack me then. I don’t like to work in such a company with no rights such as that.

10.13am – Asked me not to listen to music? You are talking a tad too loud, how do you expect me to be able to concentrate?

12.24pm – Ping her. You are the one that needs to go somewhere and you sounded like I’m obliged to ping her. But I am pretty sure the new boss had no idea when is our lunch time. Sigh.

1.39pm – Okay. At least he walk right behind us. That’s some manners! Raining heavily now. Luckily I bought the food back to eat but sigh… so extremely bored. Let’s take a rest before I start to work again.

2.00pm – Starting work again… *yawn*

3.42pm – Resume, is like a door to your next heaven/hell. It gives you an opportunity to let the people on the other side decide if they want you or not. It is, of utmost importance. But yet times and again, people simply neglect how it’s being written. My colleague requested a resume from me with a nice format. She commented that the format of her resume wasn’t that good. To me, the content is a lot more important than the layout (although that too, is important). Anyway, I decided to help her out since I presumed hers wouldn’t be fantastic. Indeed, it wasn’t. It was a little far worse off than what I had expected.

A first glance and I was extremely shocked and amused by the photo that she had put up. Not only is it not formal, the photo was a total blur and not to mention that she wasn’t that presentable. And it was at an awkward position on the right side of her personal details. So can you imagine the title “Resume” in the middle, then next row is the photo on the right, then next row onwards, the details are on the left. Question: Are you sure you know how to use Microsoft Word? No, that wasn’t what I asked her. That was in my head. What I asked was a bit more crude – “Did our boss see this resume?”

Following that are the details of her past working experience. The grammar was messed up. There’s inconsistencies throughout the document. It was written in broken English, some of which I had no idea what she did previously. Terrible, really terrible. I would have immediately rejected this application for the format. What is required of her job is for her to be really neat and tidy. The first question I would ask myself if I see such resume would be “Did this lady put in any effort in doing up this resume?” Answer would be a clear NO.

For a resume like that, and the current salary that she’s getting, I think I can easily get someone who is younger and better in education but probably not so inexperience. Nonetheless I still hope that she can get her next job with that expected 15% pay increment. Ask me and I’ll tell you there’s probably a 5% chance or less of getting that amount. Sigh… people…

7.08pm – Time to wake the big baby up!

7.15pm – I’m pretty sure someone is baking to sell in our block. Smells so nice almost everyday. If only my oven is with me everyday. *LOL*

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