Most of the time, I wrote about food that I considered as quite alright or edible. But today, it’s going to be entirely different because I probably had one of the WORST food in my entire life. I seriously hope that they can close shop soon, or change the chefs.

I’m now sitting in the foodcourt of Hougang Mall, there’s only one at level 4. I skipped my usual Qiu Lian Ban Mian and had initially wanted to have some chicken rice. But weirdly, there’s NO chicken rice stall in Hougang Mall foodcourt. People who wants to become stall owners can probably consider selling this inside. Anyway, since I have no idea what to eat, I decided to check out this stall where at that point in time, there’s 2 people in front of me (unlike some of the stalls where there wasn’t any queue at all).

So what did I order? Sweet & sour fish.

There’s 2 Chinese working in that stall. The guy was cooking previously while the girl was frying some fish using those traditional deep fryer. As I stood there waiting, I already found it weird that why do they need to fry the fish using the deep fryer instead. But anyway, it could be the fact that later they cook the sauce at the other side and pour on it. But it gets weirder after the guy finished cooking and simply stood there without doing anything anymore (by this time, there’s only my order). And then I saw it…

The lady took out a few pieces of fried fish and put on the plate. Then another piece of egg that was cooked god-knows-when before that. And then a bowl of rice went onto the plate. The shocking moment came when she took out that bottle of ketchup or BBQ sauce and pour A BIT over the fish, and then threw in 2 pieces of cabbage, and handed it over to me.


My appetite wasn’t that good to begin with. And they made it worse. Got worsen even more after I tasted it. Why? The salt is free. Their fish tasted so extremely salty till I think they soaked it over night. I’m pretty sure something is very wrong with their taste bud.

*CONDEMNED* I’m never going to get anything else from this stall anymore.

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