2.31am – I just got “scolded” by little milkie for sleeping where I used to sleep because I can’t sleep there. Her granny is supposed to be sleeping there. Gee… how can a baby talked like that while she’s still in her dreams?

9.11am – It’s early in the morning and I’m bothered by senseless email. Why can’t people simply take responsibility if it is their mistake? Just admit it. So what if your report card doesn’t look as good. Just ensure that it looks better in the future! Idiots. So many idiots in the world.

10.35am – The mood ain’t very good today as I spent the past hour staring into the space. Like little milkie, I didn’t feel like coming to work today, especially when I know I need to face people who, in my eyes, are idiots. Pardon me for the continuous bad language but I really couldn’t stand these people.

And great. I brought my wallet but there’s hardly any cash inside. Sigh. The mind’s definitely sleeping.

10.45am – Mood swing.

1.48pm – Why is the toilet in cleaning state every now and then?!!

2.00pm – How do I survive for the next 3.5 hours? My eyes really couldn’t open anymore…  Help… and I’m having rashes on my neck.

3.31pm – There goes my last mouthful of cake… *crrrrrrrry*

3.56pm – Noisy. Can’t work with 5 additional people nearby and each talking at their own comfortable level. There are small tables around called “discussion table” but yet no one is utilising it. Sigh. Really don’t like such open concept office. It’s way too much when so many people kept walking or stand around you. There’s no privacy too!

5.43pm – Boy, am I glad I’m finally off. I don’t even know I manage to survive for the past hour. Now, I’ll need to go home and settle my little soldier.

7.12pm – And she’s really damn funny!

Grandpa: Come, go to work (massage) with me.
Milkie: I don’t want. I got money already.
Grandpa: Come, just go with me.
Milkie: Don’t want, I’m too small.
Grandpa: Never mind, you massage on the babies.
Milkie: I don’t want! I’m too short!!

When one refuses to go, one will think of all sorts of reasons. *facepalm*

8.36pm – Am so lazy to start painting… shall start later…

9.01pm – Okay that’s it! Can’t procrastinate anymore!

9.34pm – Ah… indeed difficult to do the things you want when there’s a little one running around and wanting to join whatever that you are doing. I wouldn’t mind if her action wasn’t that fast. One moment asking for another ball of gumpaste to paint, one moment wanting another toothpick, and another moment wanting to get out of the seat. I’m so busy… and little soldier, please stop falling down…

11.23pm – Good. I think it’s almost done… ^^ *happy*


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