Ramblings #0957

3.36am – Not AGAIN. Sigh… and what is the yelling from the lil’ hub for? Urgh… why is she having nightmare today again? I don’t remember playing too much with her…

7.25am – I can feel the inertia in my body as I struggled to get myself to sit up. The commotion a few hours back is definitely one of the reasons that caused this. How many consecutive days was it? I’d lost count. I doubt I will be efficient on my work today either. Sad. It’s going to be another “let’s just try and get it by” day. *Yawn*


9.39am – Not again. Irritating me early in the morning. CHECK YOUR WORK FIRST! Don’t just see red or orange then start saying that it’s wrong and accused that we made a mistake. *faintz*

11.09am – Half the breakfast gone. Urgh.


12.06pm – I finally can have my chicken rice!!! A full set some more, with vegetables, eggs and soup! But… hmm… for some reasons… I seem to be not yet totally satisfied after eating this… what should I eat later… something subtly sweet? Hmm…

2.31pm – Gee. It’s only 2.31pm and I thought it’s already 3-ish. AH… time passes slowly again… Hmm… shall go off early today and head on home for baking! Let’s hope the product today is better than last’s week but I won’t be able to really try. No, as long as it doesn’t fail, it’s good enough. *LOL*

2.45pm – Some people simply don’t understand simple English. Told him NOT to send it to my personal email as we need to keep a record and at times, I’m not around, someone else can help. BUT YET… sigh…

5.05pm – And the taste bud feels weird for I can’t seem to taste anything. And that cravings all gone. What comes next wasn’t what I want. Hunger and fats.

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