2.40pm – One of the worst thing that could happen at work on a normal day is when you’ve got absolutely no mood to work and yet the time is crawling…

It’s a Thursday, if I remember correctly. Little milkie woke up in the middle of the night at 2-ish, crying, again. And then subsequently sleeping in her granny’s room. Maybe I ought to just let her sleep outside my room today. Then this morning, as usual, she replied with a “I don’t want to go to school”. Sigh… But, nonetheless, we managed to get her up and out. I guess it’s due to the lack of sleep and thus the reluctance. But how do I get her to sleep when I’m not home so early? Now I’m starting to wonder if I can really do my cake business often. Just 1 cake and at least 4 nights of a weekday will be gone. Is it worth it?

Work so far was *touch wood* alright. The audit seems to be quite low… *taboo* but anyway, shall see how.

Hmm… raining extremely heavily now. Hopefully will stop when my dad go and pick up little milkie later. Don’t really want her to get caught in the rain. Maybe should get her a raincoat and boots. Ah… she cried in school this morning again. So pitiful. Didn’t want to go to school but yet have to. Am I too stubborn to send her to school at 2 years old? But it really does give my parents a break to rest, isn’t it? Sigh… feels like cuddling her now… OKAY! Shall do some painting with her, if possible, over this weekend!


Lunch was alright. Had prawn noodle at Serangoon Garden followed by carrot cake and a cup of sugarcane juice. But probably ate a tad too much, thus kept wanting to puke now. That’s the problem when you feel like eating everything at one go. Fat.

Ooooh… “wayanging” from another director. Sigh.

2.5 more hours. Endure… Endure… Endure… I still got to cover the cake later on. Am only glad that I’ve got free car rides to and fro. Oh yes, not forgetting about my lantern making with little milkie! Urgh.

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