I stared at the patch of redness on the sole of her foot. I prayed silently that it wasn’t HFMD. If it is, the consequences would be drastic, to me…


24 hours ago, the fever came suddenly. Paracetamol wasn’t of any help and we were called back while out for dinner. Ibuprofen was given after that and it pushed the fever down for 3 hours before it started shooting up to 40 degree celsius again. That does it. Ibuprofen was not to be taken till another 2-3 hours later. Sponging only managed to lower the temperature by a little. We still hadn’t see the effect of the peppermint oil and little milkie seems to be shivering. We were helpless and so we went to the 24 hour clinic at Mount Alvernia. KKH wasn’t an option anymore for their medication sucks big time.

But is Mount Alvernia any better? Yes, in terms of the waiting time but otherwise, the doctor that little milkie visited is still a general one (not a pediatrician), and the moment when he said antibiotics have to be given due to the redness in little milkie’s throat, I felt like slapping him. Is it really needed? I asked myself.

As far as I know, a PD doesn’t give out antibiotics to a child as much as possible unless really necessary, example, sick for a week or more, or that the fever cannot be controlled. Why? Because antibiotics ain’t good and it’s probably the WORST medicine ever to be invented! But why does all these general doctors just give them out so easily?! And if it really is HFMD, would antibiotics help? I doubt so…

Anyhow, there wasn’t much symptoms for the doctor to diagnose that it’s HFMD, and all we can do is monitor. But other than just the sickness, I have to handle my mum and the lil’ hub.

One said to withdraw little milkie out of childcare for she kept getting sick (and probably both times weren’t transmitted in the childcare, but at home). And the other wanted to send little milkie to the school so that she can spread it to the other kids if it’s really HFMD, because there are those stupid inconsiderate parents that does the same thing too. He, too, will withdraw little milkie from that school as he said there’s no point in sending her to such an expensive school when the teachers can’t even ensure that parents don’t do such silly things.

I’m once again, fighting a battle alone. Against the use of antibiotics. Against withdrawing her out from this school. As much as I am a little pissed at those inconsiderate parents, I do not wish for her to change school when she’s slightly bonded and have some friends that she can called her own.

My MIL ain’t any better. All she can do is comment that little milkie is weak and thus kept on getting sick, and that’s because I never take care of myself when I’m pregnant. It’s the same as when she got jaundice at 3 days old, the reason was because I ate curry while I’m pregnant.

Right. Blame it all on me, peeps. I think I got used to it already. But I’m not giving a damn as long as I think I’m right.

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