Ramblings #0960

7.27am – I lied on the bed. I knew the alarm is going to go off soon, so I picked up the phone and switched it off. Everyone else is still asleep, and I’m glad, especially little milkie. It hasn’t been a good night rest, for she woke up almost every hour or so, crying and screaming for her granny. The lil’ hub was pissed. I was simply too tired to do much. I’m pretty sure little milkie was tired too, for her eyes were close even when she’s making so much noise, and half the time, it was some random ramblings. Nonetheless, nothing much that we can do except to “decode” what she wanted in her sleep, which switches any moment. Anyhow, I sent the lil’ hub into the room to sleep (we were in the living room) right after he shouted at little milkie. That was earlier on.

Now, it’s the start of a brand new week. It’s a Monday. I have to work. My annual leaves weren’t really suffice if I’m thinking of getting a staycation. I’ve got 8.5 days left. Minus away the days for the shutdown will probably leave me with 4.5 days. And the staycation will probably take another 3 days, leaving 1.5 days of annual leave. WHICH means I can’t anyhow take leave anymore unless if there’s really an emergency.

Thankfully, the “spots” or suspected rashes seem to have gone away at the sole of little milkie’s feet. That’s a good sign for the chance of her having HFMD would have dropped drastically. Nonetheless, with her throat still sore, it does pain to see her not able to eat (and I think she’s famished). Another thing to be glad is that her fever is under control too.

Monday. How am I to go to work when I can’t even bring myself to sit up? I’m freaking so tired…

8.57am – Let’s hope the air gets better too…

9.15am – Screams and cries were heard in the background while my mum asked me some questions.

“No… I don’t want to get sick… No… I don’t want to take medicine…” (repeatedly)

My dear, just bear with it and you’ll recover soon. But you’ll have to take the fever medicine… *hug hug*

10.43am – No lunch kakis. So I guess I’ll go home for a while then.

11.02am – Not much appetite today either. Only had a packet of biscuit with my milo instead of two. Let’s hope it will pass soon… and I’m choking again…

1.55pm – Privacy invaded again. Isn’t there other places to sit? Noisy.

3.25pm – I’m so glad that I brought a piece of bread from home just now when I went back for lunch. But what’s going to happen if I’m hungry later? Hmm…

3.39pm – I work under the governance team. Supposedly my team only needs to ensure that the policies, rules and norms are available to guide but yet in a lot of situation, WE became the government with NO powers. Funny.

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