The outlook already wasn’t that good before we went but I guess we (or I) needed that confirmation. To confirm if it’s HFMD and the kind of precautions or things we had to do or prepare in order not to further spread it to other people, especially children. And so earlier on, we went to the PD…

It didn’t take long for the PD to diagnose and confirm that it’s HFMD (though it’s with some struggle), after the PD saw some ulcers in the mouth and few spots on the arms and legs. It’s a classic HFMD.

HFMD, which stands for Hand, foot, mouth disease, is a disease that’s common among young children, of age 5 and below. But that does not imply that adults or children above 5 will not get it. It’s spread through direct contact with the contaminated surfaces (or person). Normally it will begin with a fever, and then slowly ulcers and/or rashes (spots) will appear in the throat/mouth and hands/legs respectively.

Little milkie had only gone back to school last week in the hope to avoid the HFMD spread that was occurring in her childcare in the previous week. Last Friday, a new case in her class was found out and we had thought that she would not have gotten it as she was with the Nursery class instead of her Playground class. But alas, how and where did she get it from? Their principal must be wondering why too. The only conclusion I can think of, was that the childcare wasn’t cleaned as thoroughly as it should be. Or that the children who previously had HFMD, are still somehow carrying the virus. Yes, it’s a tad too late to ONLY separate the children according to their class now, but better late than never…

Poor thing. I’m pretty sure she’s in pain. Imagine not able to eat all the food that she likes, and living on milk only. Top up with her own imagination of eating all the sumptuous food that she has with her toys. And then requesting us to let her smell on all those nice food that we are eating. Sigh…

I’m not spared either (mentally). The moment I stepped out of the clinic, my dad greeted me with a statement that said, “I think it’s too young to send her to a childcare. The other auntie also commented that they always get sick.”. And then shortly after that, I’ve got this from the lil’ hub, “What’s the point of spending so much money to a childcare which can’t even control the spread. And since your parents are willing to look after little milkie, why don’t we just save the money? It’s not as if she’s learning a lot of things. And she’s already quite smart.”.

Letting her staying at home, is not a long term solution for me. Never. Not only does it not benefit little milkie, it makes my parents more tired, makes little milkie more rebellious, makes me more pissed off, and makes everyone’s timing go haywire. No. I will not back down. I can let her got to a school but NEVER staying at home. But what is the difference then? Between a school and a childcare. If the idea is just so you think that the chances of getting sick is lesser, I can tell you, it’s not. A friend of mine put his daughter in a relatively prestigious school, and yet the school can close down because there’s almost 1-2 cases of HFMD for that period of time.

By the time we were home, another came bombarding me. My mum. I kept quiet. There’s no point replying them. I only hope my daughter will recover soon, and began eating, like she used to. But at the very least, her general mood wasn’t dampen off by that pain in her mouth (most of the time), and that the fever had gone away.


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