Ramblings #0961

2.24am – Do not think that I will not scold you just because you are sick. Being sick gives you some privileges but not all. Including screaming and crying in the middle of the night, and throwing a tantrum.

7.31am – Let’s sleep a while more…

7.42am – Just another while more…

8.29am – “Are you working today?”. Darn. I’m late.

2.07pm – I personally seriously and honestly think that there’s some issues with my admin. Why did she times and again go and meet new and weird friends? Anyway she just told me that she’s very irritated with this friend of hers, who kept scolding her because she didn’t know how to fix the router. But why? Why would you still want to talk to a friend (only) when that person keeps scolding you? And you’ve only known him for a month! *facepalm*

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