10.53am – I was relatively busy in the morning. Not for doing work, but for sort of gossiping a little with my new found group of mummies, and of course, my usual friends, and then settling some of my bills. Amazing. Just merely within hours and I can have the same topic with different groups of people. So let me recount on what was talked about.

Early in the morning, it started off with the lil’ hub repeating about how he ‘shot’ another friend through whatsapp, on the recent news about the increment of salary for the public service. A friend of ours, who was working in the public sector, had commented it’s because they (the public service) had been underpaid all along, and thus the adjustment. But the lil’ hub argued that they were NEVER underpaid (in fact they could be OVER-paid), and that the friend should just go to the private sector to work and have a taste of it shall the friend continues to think that being in the public service is underpaid.

Ask me and I will agree totally. There’s NO WAY that the public sector is underpaid. No way. I’m not saying that because I’m working in the private sector. I’m saying it only because I’d worked in both sectors before, and thus saw the kind of work needed to be done, and the benefits/welfare that comes along with it. Therefore, I will always tell those friends, especially to those who had relatively good academic results, to simply just stay in the public sector if they are looking for something with a lot of benefits and steady increment. You can’t possibly go wrong in public service unless you hated the way their process works.

Then after that there’s the same group of friends who always like to fight on who is earning lesser. And with this increment, they are starting to compare who got the highest increment. OMG. Don’t they have anything better to talk about?

Shortly after that came the shock on the birthday parties for children. I mean, I’m one who love to do parties, but till now, it’s still small little ones. But gosh… I’m so amaze at what some of them did. Spending like $500 or more for a birthday party? And that’s probably just the dessert part! Maybe I should really be a bit more enthusiastic and go into this industry. Why not? Since there seems to be so many demands for it.

Anyhow, it’s still not a very nice day for me and I’m trying means and ways to feel better. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get any worse than this.


12.58pm – Sex is important! Of course it is! When have I ever not agree with that? *LOL* Am at this talk on Men’s Health, quite interesting.

2.18pm – Seriously, I wonder when is it going to end. It feels like an endless job. Hmm… I mean, not that it matters a lot, or that a lot of work needs to be done. But it’s a little disruptive. Anyway, shall only take a look when I reach home. Try. These days, I’m simply too sleepy, thanks partly to the late night sleep.

3.16pm – For once, I really do pity the lives of those really well known celebrities. It’s like, they can’t seem to live in peace. It’s no wonder so many of them gets so stressed up and probably turned to drugs. I just read about the wedding between Brad Pitt and Angelina. Well, I quite like their movies but ain’t exactly a fan of this couple, for somehow I still felt that they betrayed Jennifer Aniston. Of course, Jen wasn’t spared after their wedding was held. Papers had been speculating that she’s pregnant (again)! Nonetheless, I do hope that she is indeed preggy so that she don’t look that pathetic. For some reasons, all those tabloids are making her look so pitiful after Brad Pitt ‘dumped’ her. Sigh…

3.34pm – Hmm… seems like the new boss ain’t a good chap either. Fancy quietly observing on the arrival time of people while smiling everywhere he goes.

3.42pm – OMG. She woke up at 12pm?!!!

3.44pm – I’ve got no mood to work. Help.

4.06pm – Ah… the bread tasted so nice. Should have bought 2 instead of just 1. Now, I’m still hungry. Damn.

4.18pm – I really, for the umpteenth time, shouldn’t be working in this line, in this industry! Gosh. But then again, I’m too lazy and too tied up to change. It’s an excuse, but I needed the money for the bills. This isn’t the time for me to change.

6.13pm – So glad that little milkie is recovering. How do I know that? She ate a mouthful of ice cream just now and is asking for more! ^^

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