When one is sick, one is better to be quarantined. It’s the 7th day from the point where little milkie couldn’t eat much due to the ulcer(s) in her mouth.

HFMD. Supposed to stay at home for 7-10 days. So here we are, for the whole day, at the home of my parents. Playing with whatever toys that little milkie can touch. Mum had given a warning to stop us from taking out more toys for her to play, for after that she’ll have to disinfect it. *LOL*

Sigh… it’s so boring but what to do other taking selfies, and more ‘selfies’. Bleh. And her sleeping time is messed up again!


The girl(s) who likes to pose.


Taking selfie using a fake camera. That’s supposed to be a cashier machine by the way.

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