Ramblings #0964

3.07pm – Okay. Cannot make it. I don’t like the new Maggi extra spicy curry. Yes, it’s indeed more spicy, but it covers the taste of the curry, and ended up feeling only very hot. Or maybe it’s because there’s some problems with my taste buds now but otherwise, it’s a no-no for me.


11.12pm – She simply brightens up my day… can never forget the look on her face after she saw that drawing… DADDY! You better buck up in your drawing! And stop pushing away your responsibility (even if it’s just drawing)! *LOL*

Milkie: Daddy, 画big bad wolf.
Daddy: 我不会画。叫mommy画。
Mommy: 叫daddy学啦。不会就学嘛。
Milkie: Daddy, 不会就学嘛。
*Daddy busy drawing*
Daddy: Ok. 画好了。
Milkie: *stun for a minute* 这个是什么?


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