7.47am – Is this dress alright for my D&D on the theme – Retrolicious? I hope it’s not TOO short…


10.41am – I’m pretty sure I know the exact reason(s) why I’m not performing to my best of late. It’s pretty obvious. I ain’t having enough good sleep with that daily waking up in the middle of the night, and unable to rest well after that. And the lost of appetite that’s causing a bit of chaos every now and then. Ah… I wished someone can help.

It’s the start of a new month, and it’s going to be quite a busy month with lots of things already lined up. Boss is a tad unhappy that I will be on leave on the same period as her. It’s my fault alright, should have checked before I make the reservation. But then again, if I hadn’t just went ahead to book, I probably won’t because all other weeks in September ain’t good either. But now that I can’t cancel or change dates, I guess there’s nothing much I can do except to bring my lappie together with me and pray that everything went well, and that my admin and the other team mate don’t try anything funny during that 3 days. Definitely doesn’t look nice if my whole team “disappears”.

I’m so tired. I think I really needed a good break. Slept for the whole of the afternoon with little milkie yesterday while everyone was out except my sis, who slept too. Like what the lil’ hub said this morning, no SK-II or SK-V can help if we were to sleep that late (thanks to the little rascal). So, I am going to start sleeping at 11pm regardless whether that little milkie wants to go to bed or not. And I hope she can go back to school by this Wednesday so that everyone’s timing (that is, if the granny goes to sleep early too) can be back to slightly normal.

For now, I can only endure, and endure… SOOOOOO looking forward to the weekend. Damn, am I just back from one? Urgh.

2.41pm – The neck is still aching and my mind is still drifted away. I wonder when will it come back.

2.55pm – The war between the 2 gangs is coming. I wonder which side will win. Or maybe none will because everyone had clean forgotten about this discussion. So it’s basically just going to remain there as a malignant tumour, and an excuse for some to delay their projects. Sigh…

4.32pm – Meeting’s over and it’s another fruitless one with no conclusion. Why? One of the main participants is not around and his boss dare not decide for him. Bleh.

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