Ramblings #0966

9.50am – Looks like I’ll have to bring little milkie to the doctor instead. Sigh… can never fully trust the lil’ hub. He was still reminding and warning me times and again to get them to prepare. Then apparently now, firstly, he woke up late and secondly, he’s having diarrhoea. WTH. Anyway, I guess I’m used to it.

12.10pm – Yes! Letter received! Little milkie can go back to school tomorrow! Woo-hoo!

1.42pm – How nice if I can continue to sleep like that and not go to work today… How nice… *lying on the floor of the living room*

2.06pm – Be careful of any injury to my limbs if I am hmm… that’s what JY’s astrology 2014 said about my elements this month. I did try to take note, and thus decided to wear flats more often for this month (and even bought a new pair for work because I don’t have any) instead of high heels. But alas, I’d forgotten that limbs can either be the arms or legs. Damn. Or maybe should I say, I never expect that my arms would get injured. Sigh…

I think I better be extra careful for this month from now on. Ouch. Pain pain…

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