4.34am – If you asked me, I felt like I’d been shortchanged. But I couldn’t be bother with it at such time. Well, little milkie just woke me up, and asked me to take her bolster while she took mine. What am I going to do with that little bolster?? -.-”’

4.40am – She’s awake, and joking too. Fancy asking me to make milk for her, and then when I’m back, this was what happened:

Milkie: Mummy, did you hear the ‘pop’ sound? *as she took the pacifier out from her mouth*
Me: Huh? *still dreaming but I did hear it*
Milkie: The ‘pop’ sound. *she tried once more but no sound*And then…
Milkie: POP! *she makes the noise herself* Did you hear that???
Me: -.-”’

9.25am – The lazy bum bum has finally decided to do a little bit more! I’m back, hopefully. *LOL* I’m freaking tired, that’s all I can say… for now… Anyhow, let me slowly recall… September. It’s going to be a busy month.

11.53am – There is really something wrong with my admin. Why does she need to look at me and tell me that it’s going to be worse than the previous? As if I don’t know? The start is already 8kg difference. Hello?? I can do my Math.


12.46pm – Bought a little something for little milkie. *LOL* Let’s hope she stop taking mine or the lil’ hub’s one anymore.

2.26pm – Just received a video clip from little milkie’s principal a while ago, showing the children dancing and singing to the nursery song. I’m telling you… they are simply ADORABLE! It’s no wonder why lots of people said that these age is the age where they are the cutest, and most fun (though the so-called terrible two does come along with it at times).

Anyway, am glad my vain little milkie is enjoying. I’m pretty sure she’s enjoying herself. And she’s definitely the lil’ hub’s child. He don’t have to do a DNA test. Out of all her classmates, she’s the only one dancing and looking at her reflection in the mirror *facepalm*. Totally reminding me of her dad when I just knew him at the salsa school. Genes, it does get passed down. *LOL*

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