I probably wasn’t the best person to mention how fun or not fun this place, the Adventure Cove Waterpark @ Sentosa, is, but since I’m there for that hour or so, I might as well just write about it.

So let’s set this clear. I’m a mother of one, and my baby is 2 years old. I am currently unable to play and felt that I’m a little too old (and scare) to play all those slides and what not. Thus, my expectations were already set to a very low standard.

Here goes…

Everything seems okay from the moment we walked in until we saw the price for renting a locker. Maybe it’s a tad long since we (both the lil’ hub and I) last went to such places, we were a little shock to see that amount. $10 for a small one and $20 for a big locker. Speechless. We had intended to only stay for an hour or so, and spending that amount to put that little bit of things we had simply doesn’t make sense. And the only thing that was worth that amount of money was my handphone, which I had wanted to take some photos with.

So, we started walking around the waterpark to see if there’s other pools that we can play, with chairs at the side. And there goes our initial plan to go around the waterpark in that “river”. Anyway, we walked and walked, and slides were definitely out of the question. There’s a small slide though, which looks like it’s for children. But that little space for pool playing seems so small such that it looks more like only the landing place for people that came down from the slides. So we opted that out too.

In the end, we went for a small little pool which definitely are for small toddlers. So she started playing for a while until the lil’ hub and I found it a little boring. Then we decided to bring her to the one with the waves. But once the lil’ hub stepped into it with little milkie and her float, he got a whistle from the life guard, signalling him to go out, without any reason or explanation. There was another toddler, probably younger than little milkie playing somewhere around it too (at the edge). That’s something that puzzled me a lot but I was a little unhappy that they were told to leave without any reason. It would have been better if they could come over and explain, or probably life guards aren’t supposed to talk and can only look cool. I didn’t bother and simply told the lil’ hub to go back to that small pool and play with little milkie.


We didn’t stay for very long since there wasn’t much to play. Whatever that you see in this photo, the pool size is double of it. And the height of the water is at little milkie’s knee, so you can imagine how shallow it is. But we definitely am glad that it’s part of the staycation package, or else we probably will knock our head against the wall if we had to fork out money for this. Definitely am looking forward to the swimming pool at hardrock hotel instead of here later on. It looks SOOOO much better.

Not for the young. Teens yes.

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