Ramblings #0979

So… is that it? Is that the end of my 3D2N staycation at Hardrock Sentosa? O.O?

I guess it must be, as I look at a relatively disappointing toddler. She must have known that it means we won’t be staying in this beautiful room already, and enjoying everyday with both her mum and dad, and subsequently her grandparents too.

It probably wasn’t just her… the thoughts of myself going back to work simply dulled my day even more. It had been fun. And probably even so too without those tickets to the attractions. But then reality doesn’t grant us that option though some of my friends indeed have such life. Well, it’s still nice though, to be able to come out and get a short break. I just wished I have more annual leave instead of just 7, after deducting all those forced leaves that I hadn’t intended to take. Sigh… that’s life, I guess, when you are working for other people…

Anyway, here’s some photos. Of course there’s a lot more but *LOL*






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